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Hello . . . Is This Thing On?
Saturday, 26 May 2007
"Lost" Finale
Mood:  chatty
Topic: Television

So we’ve all had a few days to digest the season finale of “Lost” – any thoughts?  I’ve spent some time checking out the message boards on the official website to read other’s thoughts.  One theory is next season the island will be the Flashback.  I was completely in the dark throughout the finale that the flash “back” was actually the future!  Only when Kate stepped out of the car at the end, did I think “Holy Crap!”  No, I have no idea whose casket it was.  I’ve read some things that say the casket was too little to contain a full size person – but I’ve looked at it (I taped it!) at different angles, and actually it does look full size – maybe not for a very tall person.  Did Jack say “Either” or “Neither” when the funeral home director asked if it was friend or family?  My opinion is he said neither.  On the island, the person could have been a close friend, but by the time they are all back home, things could change.  Was that Jin & Sun sitting behind Jack on the plane in the flash “forward”?  Sure looks like it – again I’ve checked it out several times on my recorded version.

Hooray for Hurley saving the day in the Dharma van!  That was absolutely the coolest thing!  I just love Hurley – he’s so funny!  Yes, a lot of questions were answered but geez, not enough and what about the questions the episode created?  And we have to wait until February?! Ugh!

My favorite episode this season has to be when Hurley found the van – I found myself rolling with laughter during that eppie.  Especially Sawyer saying to Jin “Well, look who’s hooked on phonics!”

My favorite characters are Sawyer – yes, he’s supposed to be a bad boy but he has some of the funniest lines and Hurley – “dude” for everything.

Well, Dear Readers, until Season 3 comes out on DVD and until February when the new season starts, leave your thoughts here and we’ll discuss!

Posted by wendylittrell at 8:53 AM CDT
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Friday, 18 May 2007
Why is CBS doing this to us?
Mood:  surprised
Topic: Television

THEY CANCELLED JERICHO!!!!  I know that I'm not the only one who invested an entire season in this show.  Even when I couldn't be home or watch the show, I recorded it.  Last year one of the other networks did the same thing with "Invasion".  Folks - you there - The Powers That Be - if you know (& you do know in advance!) that a show is NOT returning - please tie up all the loose ends and answer all the mysteries/questions.  It is only fair.  Now if they'd decided not to bring it back in February (after a 2 month hiatus), I could sort of see that - but don't wait until the season is over - with a cliffhanger no less.  What is wrong with you people (TPTB)?  Ok, if you plan on bringing it back as a "mid season" replacement or in case something is cancelled (& by the look of the new shows you are putting on - you'll have lots of opportunities) - that's fine - but TELL US!  Don't leave us hanging out in the Black Hole somewhere.  Just my humble opinion.  So, Dear Readers, what are your thoughts? Post now & be nice!

Posted by wendylittrell at 4:31 PM CDT
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Will Sara be Killed by the Mini-K?
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: Television

Anyone else been glued to CSI all season waiting for the Mini-Killer to be revealed?  So what did you think - were you surprised it was a woman?  They had sort of alluded to that back when the train guy (character name escapes me!) Ernie Dell killed himself.  Several message boards that I checked out had speculation that Sara was one of Dell's foster kids.  Is





Natalie out for revenge against Grissom for Ernie's death?  Did Natalie encounter Sara at some other Foster Home?  What is really up with the creepy ventriloquist and the doll named for his murdered daughter?  Did the other CSI's realize what Grissom was saying about loving Sara?  Will Jorja Fox sign a new contract and be rescued by Gil in the Season Premiere?  Will Jorja decide to walk and be killed off?  That, Dear Readers, will be answered in the fall - stay tuned!

Posted by wendylittrell at 4:28 PM CDT
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American Idol Review
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Television

Don't look now, Melinda, but the thief is getting away!  What in tarnation (that's a Southern expression!) happened on Wednesday night?  Ok, I get it - Jordin & Blake are both "young" and "marketable" (too most overused words to describe them) - but Melinda has the consistency, the star-power, the non-"diva"ness, the whole Sally Field "they like me, they really like me" stuff goin' on.  But you know what - she'll be just fine.  Her CD will probably sell more than some of the Idol winners of the past (with the exception of Kelli & Carrie) and I'm not worried about her.  Besides she has the whole AI tour coming up so she'll be plenty busy for the next several months.  Not only that - but I think she is really excited for her two friends/competitors to make it to the finals.  Shows you what a genuinely great person she is.  So did the votes not come in because Simon voiced his wishes and everyone decided that he wasn't going to get his way?  Sure, take it out on Melinda if that's the case.  Will tune in next week to see Blake & Jordin battle it out.  So, Dear Readers, until later . . .

Posted by wendylittrell at 4:19 PM CDT
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