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Alice Cooper Concert
Things to Do
Hello . . . Is This Thing On?
Monday, 31 March 2008
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: home


Luckily - it kept going. Unfortunately it headed toward another town north east of us.  And as I reported earlier this month about March coming in like a lion - well it's not going out like a lamb - more like a dragon!  Hope everyone else in the North Texas area fared ok!


Posted by wendylittrell at 6:03 PM CDT
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Friday, 28 March 2008
They want How much for a mandatory Orientation?
Mood:  irritated
Topic: family

So Senior Daughter has been accepted at the school of her choice - luckily it is a state university and it's only 20 minutes away - so we won't be going through the whole going "away" to college thing here at the "Hello" house.  She & I attended a "tour" already - which consisted of a very quick walk through the campus where much loud construction was happening making it very hard to hear the little girl they had giving us information.  Not to worry - Photographer Daughter attended a program at the same campus when she was a Freshman in High School and I saw more then than I did ths time.  Then Senior Daughter & I went to a "Preview" - which was a little more involved and including sitting in classrooms listening to professors talk about that major or college.  Out of that, Sr. Daughter sort of has decided what major she wants.  She's all fired up with school spirit.  Now we get to go to a "mandatory" orientation.  This will be a 2.5 days type of thing - complete with "meeting other freshman" socials and "parent" dinners and socials.  She is also obligated to spend 2 nights in a dorm.  Which - she will not be living in when she goes to school there - I mean we are only 20 minutes away & why spend that much money on a bed somewhere else when her bed here is basically free?  Plus - allergy wise - she doesn't do well in strange beds or in strange rooms and irritability wise - she doesn't do well with people she doesn't know - especially to spend the night in the same room with them.  She jokes that they'll be calling me saying my daughter made her room mate sleep in the hall!  And I'm not sure that's much of a joke! 

On the Upside to all of this - she gets a very compacted "what life will be like" as a Freshman experience.  On the Downside - the cost.  Are you KIDDING me?  And you want most of tuition paid at the same time?  And why do I want to spend my evening in a room full of other college parents?  I have no issue with being involved - but face it - this isn't elementary school PTA or that sort of involvement.  Talking with a friend's daughter who is just finishing up her first year at this same school, she admitted that the orientation is too long, some of the things just aren't needed, and they could have compacted it to 1.5-2 days. 

Now just so you know - I've already done this with Photographer daughter - however it was for another unversity - about 3 blocks away from where Senior Daughter will go.  Their orientation was one day & a half.  I think there was some cost involved but probably for the meals more than anything else. 

I once claimed that I'm not 18 anymore so I stay off of roller coasters - but I think this one is just now getting started & it's going to be bigger & badder than anything Six Flags can throw at me.

I'm taking donations . . . .just saying!

Posted by wendylittrell at 6:40 AM CDT
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Thursday, 27 March 2008
Out Like a Lamb? Yeah Right!
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: home

The old saying about March - In like a lion, out like a lamb?  All I can say right now is - are you kidding me?

The wind has been whipping all night long - wonder if my trash cans are still standing?  I know our outdoor patio chairs have been toppled & sent flying into the yard. 

I kept telling the dog that I was glad she wasn't a little bitty thing or she would have blown away.  Envisioning a teeny little dog getting picked up by the wind & sent flying somehow makes me giggle!  And please don't email me about hating dogs & that thought makes me a bad person.  I wouldn't really want to see that happen.  I love dogs & couldn't fathom how I would feel if it was my dog who got blown into the next town.  But in a cartoon, movie-ish kind of way (insert caveat: No Animals Were Hurt In The Making of This Stupid Thought) - it is sort of funny.

The wind whipping & all the horrible things it does to my hair reminds me of when we went on vacation several years ago.  We were on our way from my in-laws to my mom's (a 11 hour drive).  Had no air conditioning so we had the windows down.  By the time we got to my mother's house, my hair was a bird's nest of tangles.  And what does she say as soon as we walk in?  Something about how my hair was a mess & did I ever comb it?  Note to all who actually see me day in & day out - especially on windy days:  If I am going to be in & out a lot - then I'm probably not going to bother too much with my hair.  It doesn't take much to frizz it or tangle it.  Be nice - say nothing to me!  It will eventually get combed.  But unless you are in my home when you see me - the likelihood is you are seeing me OUT and about which means I will have been OUT in the wind (rain, snow, hurricane like weather - well you get the picture). 

And as Forrest Gump once said, "And that's all I'm going to say about that."

Have a nice day - don't blow away!

Posted by wendylittrell at 6:34 AM CDT
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Wednesday, 26 March 2008
Where Have I Been?
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: home

No, I haven't been somewhere exotic for Spring Break.  Actually, I don't think I've ever been anywhere for Spring Break! Generally because the People Who Pay the Bills Adults in this house don't get a spring break!  Sad, I know!  In fact Spring Break week was actually the first "normal" week I've had in almost a month (thanks to cars breaking down & other issues that I won't write about for the entire world to read).  Other than having kids at home & not at school.  Senior Daughter has a raging case of Senioritis.  She only has this week & next left before she's all done with high school.  We've gone through this twice before - two of the other kids finished high school early.  So this is nothing new in this house. 

I have managed to clean house & do laundry & make dinners that have been edible.  For Easter we did the coloring easter eggs & then the Bunny paid us a visit.  Went to early Church service & then the Easter Breakfast & regular church service.  I had put a chicken in the crock pot early that morning (read - I was still half asleep!).  My sister & brother-in-law dropped by.  Very short visit but it was good.  I really need to take a Saturday to go visit her. 

Have many birthdays coming up in April.  My dad turns 29 for the umpteenth time!  My father-in-law and our son-in-law share their birthday with Tax Day!  Our grandson will be a teenager soon!  And First Grader grandson will be 7.  You know six was sure different.  Saying that he's going to be seven just about floors me!

Hubby has been carpooling last couple weeks.  The first week was out of necessity as his vehicle was having the transmission rebuilt.  But this is a good thing.  Using less gas & speaking of which - I've discovered what we are all going to be using our tax "incentive" checks on - GASOLINE! 

Last night was the last "Jericho".  At least they wrapped it up pretty neatly.  There is an opening there in case it gets picked up by a cable station or something.  Still not happy it was cancelled (again!)  At least we are getting new shows of most of everything else.  I think "CSI" starts new shows next week along with several others on CBS.  Have to wait until the end of April for more new "Lost" episodes.  Maybe by the time that starts "CSI" will be done (so it doesn't conflict!)

So what did you do for Spring Break?

Posted by wendylittrell at 7:41 AM CDT
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Thursday, 13 March 2008
When Not to Call . . .
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: home

Just a note on when I probably won't pick up the phone & if I do, I may not be very thrilled:

  • 5-5:30 p.m. : I'm on the phone (generally) with my mother, so I won't be switching over to take your call.  Leave a message. If you don't ask me to call back, I probably won't.
  • Thursday evening from 8-9 p.m.  I'm watching "Lost".
  • Tuesdays when American Idol is on & also Wed. during the results show.

There - I think that about covers it!  Just saying  . .  .

Posted by wendylittrell at 6:51 AM CDT
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Close to You
Mood:  happy
Topic: family

Y'all remember the Carpenter's song - Close to You?  Yeah, I'm dating myself.  Yesterday was my baby girl's 18th birthday!  When she was a baby and toddler, my husband would sing that song to her - especially on her birthday.

On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true.
So they sprinkled moondust in your hair
Of gold and starlight in your eyes of blue

No, she didn't have blonde hair - in fact when she was born she had very dark, black curly hair (which is now a lot lighter brown color). But she did have blue eyes - great big dark, sapphire color eyes (now they are green - like her father's). 

I mention the Carpenter's song because my baby girl heard that verse of the song again yesterday - on the 18th anniversary of her birth.  A birth that was stressful, difficult and took basically 4 days!  The first time I'd had an epidural or a sedative during labor.  And she was the 4th child!  I often joke that if she'd been first - with all the trouble I had - she might have been the last! 

She's no "baby" any longer. She has grown into a remarkable, self-assured, very poised young woman with a future of exciting possibilities waiting for her to grab and take hold.  I marvel at her raw honesty and common sense. Oh, to have had a 1/10 of her common sense at that age!  I know quite a bit is because she is the youngest of the kids watching her siblings grow and learning from them.

In the last few years, she's grown from a teen who would never be caught in a dress (I tended to believe this was due to the fact that being my last child and a little girl who I dressed in a frilly dresses as a baby and toddler) to a young woman who now has a few dresses in her closet!  She's gone from being moody 24/7 to filling a room with her laughter more times than not. 

Whatever she dreams for herself, I hope she gains.  Happy (day late) birthday, my Senior Daughter! 

Posted by wendylittrell at 6:50 AM CDT
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Tuesday, 11 March 2008
Auto Repair Update
Mood:  not sure
Topic: home
So I just know all of you have been on the edge of your seats waiting to hear about the vehicle that's in the shop - right?  What do you mean, you have a life? Anyhow - damages are slightly more than two grand (as I choke on my coffee!) and should be ready Wednesday or Thursday.  One thing is for sure - we have great friends!  My husband is carpooling this week - at least yesterday and today - so I can have the van to get to work.  When the vehicle gets all fixed and back in the driveway, I'm hoping they'll have washed, waxed and detailed it as well!

Posted by wendylittrell at 6:24 AM CDT
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Saturday, 8 March 2008
Snow . . . Transmissions . . . No Cells!
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: family
We had 6-7 inches of snow dumped on us Thursday afternoon!  Not only that but my husband left work at 1:30 - was re-routed from his normal route thru a neighboring town due to the high hills & people sliding up & down them.  He ended up in the college town to the north of us when what should happen?  He couldn't get the vehicle to shift gears. So a very nice man in a pick up behind him helped him get the vehicle off the road & then drove him about a mile & a half to the nearest convenience store.  Since we have no cell phone, he called me collect from probably the last remaining working pay phone in a 100 mile radius & said the tow company next door to where he was said it would be about midnight due to the high volume of cars stuck in the muck, snow, ice.  I called several tow companies in the area where he was & they either wouldn't pick him up & go back to the vehicle & then tow it 15 miles south to where we live or they said it would be midnight.  (For the record it was 4:50 when he called - took him a little over 3 hours to get to where he was - normally a 20 minute drive.)  One company - very reputable - said they could do it in 3 hours so I said ok.  Then hubby called back & said he'd walked - WALKED!!!!!! - in all that ucky stuff back to the vehicle, got it in gear & babied it to the store.  The guy was nice enough to allow him to leave it there overnight so I trekked out in that mess to go pick him up. Tow company was actually going to get to him first & I told them THANK YOU (since they were actually going to help us) but suggested others were probably in worse straits than we were.  Now on a normal rush hour day - traffic going north is horrible & it was 10 times as bad Thursday evening. But at least no one could drive fast - too much traffic - so we were all slow going but safe.  Took me an hour to get there & about 35 minutes home as by that time a lot of the ice had melted & I could drive almost 35 mph & no traffic. Saw some idiots - yeah, you in the FedEx truck - going the speed limit (60 mph+) - what were you going to do if someone had to slam on their brakes in front of you?  So the Transmission shop had the vehicle towed on Friday a.m. to the shop.  Not even going to think about how much this is going to cost.  This is after we had the same vehicle in the shop a week ago for U-joints & my vehicle in the shop earlier this week to fix the compressor.  I'm taking donations!
On a good note - the ice & snow are gone now.  Sun is shining & I'm really hoping that is the last of the bad weather we're going to see for awhile.

Posted by wendylittrell at 9:08 AM CST
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Thursday, 6 March 2008
Wacky Weather in Texas
Mood:  not sure
Topic: home

IT'S SNOWING IN THE DALLAS AREA!  Big ol' flakes, coming down like cats & dogs!  After 15 minutes the roofs are white but the ground isn't covered yet. This is going to create all kinds of chaos come time for folks to come home from work or school.  For crying out loud - it's March 7th!  Easter is 3 weeks away - shouldn't the new flowers be about ready to pop out?  I'm sure a lot of plants are going to freeze.

Haven't gotten to watch AI the last couple days. Tuesday I did the whole caucus thing - the Texas Two step we like to call it - and you thought it was just some strange dance that people in Texas did!  So got home close to 10 on Tuesday. I even missed Jericho (which I watched online this a.m.) and the new series "New Amsterdam" which I haven't been able to locate online as a full watchable episode. I know they are supposed to have another "NA" episode on tonight but it's Lost night so I will probably miss "NA".  Last night was my Bible study & got home in time to see the last 3 gals singing. 

Glad I did my banking/grocery shopping already this morning. I got home two minutes before it started snowing!

More later on our wacky weather!


Posted by wendylittrell at 12:39 PM CST
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Friday, 29 February 2008
Now I'm excited . . .
Mood:  energetic
Topic: Politics

So in a vast ocean of red I turned blue yesterday!  So even tho' Texas has had a GREAT democratic woman governor (Ann Richards - may she rest in peace!) - seems most of the state favors the red candidate.  Especially when it comes to the Presidential elections.  And since "w" was one of the very few who was re-elected twice in a row as governor of this state, most (that I've heard) are (not quite) as enamored of someone who favors the same views.  Me - I am so ready for something to change.  And I'm really tired of the "good ol' boy" network.  Most of my really close friends are nowhere near as moderately liberal as I am - and for me - it just depends on the issue at hand. 

So yesterday I went and voted and as I voted, I became REALLY excited about the election!  From being really undecided a couple weeks ago & then spending time reading (facts - not rhetoric) about where each candidate stands on the issues, I began to feel more optimistic about the whole political process.

Oh, and the whole "hope" topic on the debate & such that's been bandied about by the 2 democratic candidates - didn't Hillary ever listen to her husband's campaigning back when or his State of the Union addresses?  I bet he said "hope" over 20 times at each place/for each address - I mean he did come from Hope, Ark. and he used to say "little bit of hope" all the time.  Geez!

One more thing - please do NOT bash me for my views - I have an opinion - just like you do.  If you can get behind a candidate and know why you are in favor of that person - GREAT! 

Posted by wendylittrell at 7:22 AM CST
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