Mini Muriel Johnson was born on August 9, 1892 in Jackson Township, Madison County, Indiana. She was the fourth daughter of William Jesse Reeves Johnson and Florence Ethel Wise. She was a telephone operator in 1910. On June 24, 1914 she married Glenn Virtner McVay in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. He was born on November 19, 1892 in Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana to Jacob McVay and Alma Ader. Glenn's only sibling was a sister who died at the age of two. In 1920 Glenn's occupation is listed as midtown deliveries in Indianapolis. Before or as a result of his father's death, he left his family in 1928 to take care of his mother and he never returned to Indianapolis. Three children had been born to this union and his son, Robert, changed his middle name from Virtner to Vincent because of his father's abandonment. In 1928 Mini Muriel worked in a bank. It is unknown when Glenn died. Mini Muriel died on January 14, 1931 in Indianapolis.


Father: William Jesse Reeves Johnson born July 15, 1866
Mother: Florence Ethel Wise born January 23, 1865
Spouse: Glenn Virtner McVay born November 19, 1892
       John Reese McVay born February 2, 1916
       Robert Vincent McVay born October 16, 1918
       Bettina Louisa McVay born Private


Elizabeth Fay Johnson was born on August 13, 1893 in Jackson Township, Madison County, Indiana. She was the fifth daughter of William Jesse Reeves Johnson and Florence Ethel Wise. In 1920 she lists her occupation as an office girl for a radiator company. On June 6, 1928 she married Harry Joy Herff in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. He was born November 9, 1885 in Peru, Miami County, Indiana. Harry was Jewish. He co-founded Herff Jones Company in Indiana. Harry died on November 16, 1959 and was buried in an unknown Jewish Cemetery in Indianapolis. Elizabeth died on October 30, 1986 in Indianapolis. It is unknown if there were any children born to this union.


Genevieve Vesta Johnson was born on July 9, 1920 in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana. She was the second child and first daughter of Glen Roy Johnson and Vesta Christena Wilt. Genevieve became a nurse. She converted to Catholicism to marry John Frank Steffen. He was born on January 7, 1914 on a boat coming from Hungary to America. Three children were born to this union. Genevieve became very ill in the 1950s and it was discovered that she had brain tumors. She died on May 2, 1958 at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio. John stayed very close to his in-laws and eventually re-married. His wife had a daughter from a previous marriage and the couple went on to have a daughter. They all remained very close to Glen and Vesta and the other members of the family. John died on his 80th birthday - January 7, 1984 in Dayton, Ohio. John and Genevieve are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Dayton.

Genevieve Vesta Johnson


Father: Glen Roy Johnson born November 21, 1898
Mother: Vesta Christena Wilt born May 7, 1898
Spouse: John Frank Steffen born January 7, 1914
       Theresa Judith Steffen born Private
       Jane Vesta Steffen born Private
       John Frank Steffen Jr. born Private



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