Poetry for the Soul


Waking up, I see your face;
Gazing at the sun filled morning, I see your smile;
Contemplating the sky so blue, I see your eyes.
I see you in newly blossomed flowers,
In the droplets of dew on the green leaves,
In the rainbow arcing far above the earth,
In the stars that glisten in the night.
I hear your voice in the soft rain falling to the ground,
In the song of a bluebird,
In the ocean waters kissing the shore.
I feel your touch in the breezes caressing my skin,
In the sun's rays warming my face,
In the satin sheets I lay upon in slumber.
I know you in the quiet that fills my spirit,
In the beating of my thundering heart,
In the call that beckons my soul.


A roar through my brain
Like thunder in the distance;
Closing the gap at it's own pace.
Too soon a storm is brewing
Like the turmoil in my heart;
Building to a boil.
Sweet fragrances fill my head
Like grass that has been washed in the spring rain;
An aroma from nature.
Breath caresses my neck
Like autumn breezes touching the colored leaves;
Movements so slight they are unseen.
Tears fall from my eyes
Like the gentle summer rain;
Creating pools at my feet.
An ache pains my soul
Like fires ravaging the plains;
Because of the tremendous want
That I have for you.


We were together once - you and I,
In an age long past and long ago.
Together we were in the pouring rain,
Winter blizzards, and raging storms.
In love from the start
And clear through to the end.
We knew our destiny was each other -
A timeless, ageless fate.
I remember your smile, your touch,
And how you'd whisper "I love you".
Your voice so sweet and intoxicating -
You mesmerized my soul.
I remember how we walked hand in hand,
Lying on quilts of soft down
Under a moonlit sky.
I remember how you kissed me and said
That it was ours, a lover's moon.
And somehow we would always know
By looking into it's sphere
That the love we shared would never end.
I remember all of it and yet
Not as much as I would like.
I do not know how our lives dissolved
Nor do I know when.
The images are faded here and there -
The lines get blurred in my tears.
And yet, when I sleep, it all returns
For just a moment before I lose it again
Upon waking in the morning light.
I've dreamed of it all for many years
And many ages past.
Who I was and who you were
Is no longer important today -
It is who we are now and what we are to each other.
Somehow through all the confusion of this
Cold, harsh world
We've found that love that long ago
We vowed to keep for one another.
And so today, once again,
I love you and you love me.
Did we utter those words as Romeo and Juliet?
Arthur and Gueneviere?
Robin and Marian?
Fairbanks and Pickford?
We may never remember -
Yet it doesn't matter for we have
Many more lives and futures in which to live
And love together.
I count the days my love.


Windy days and starry nights;
Dust flies up on a lonesome country road;
The moon lamplights the plain.
Two souls lost on the long highway of life
Looking for one who will light up their days
And intensify their nights.
Wandering from either corner of the world
On a path destined for the other.
Looking, always searching,
Hoping for that one smile, that one look -
The eyes that will solve the mystery.
Two blue pools looking into the same;
Solving the riddle of why they are
And what they've come for.
One, a man, who's known the sting of betrayal;
The other, a woman, who's been cut deeply by passion.
Together they are exhausted from the pain.
The dust settles on the road;
The sun sets, brilliant colors flooding the earth;
Moon beams reach out and grab their hearts.
Their eyes open and they see,
Their arms waiting to be filled;
Hearts already consumed with love and passion.
The two are now one -
United in a love that has conquered all.


Darkness descends
And he is there
In my thoughts, my dreams,
My heart and my soul.
Just as hes been
Since the dawning of
Ages past.
Filling my mind
With soothing words of comfort
Filling my dreams
With soft, light caresses
Filling my heart
With warmth and courage
Filling my soul
With the wonder
That is him.


Yesterday, you held my hand
Today, you kissed my lips
Tomorrow, I will tell you
Of the love in my heart.
Our yesterdays have past
Our todays are now
Our tomorrows will be filled
With joy.

All poetry copyright © 2002-2007 Wendy Littrell

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