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My tastes in movies range from comedy to classic black & white, film noir to science fantasy, tragic drama to "chick flicks". I will be continously updating this page with reflections on the movies below - as well as add to them as I remember other movies I've really enjoyed.

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Peter Pan
As a small child, my parents took me to my grandparents' house to watch the Mary Martin Broadway version of "Peter Pan" because they had a color set and we didn't. My grandmother would always read the "Little Golden Book" version to me when I stayed over with her and my grandfather. I had a larger - more colorful - Disney version of the book which I always wanted my parents to read to me. I was convinced that I was named after Wendy in the book and that Peter Pan was a real tale. My friends and I would always stand on our picnic table and think happy thoughts and try to fly. Luckily, the ground wasn't too far down! In seventh grade (my first year of Junior High School), the first social dance I attended was with a boy I'd known since first grade who just happened to be named Peter. There was absolutely no chemistry but lots of friendship - but I thought it was great that as a couple we were "Peter and Wendy"!!! I've read the original version as written by James Barrie. As I've gotten older, I've enjoyed the animated Disney version of "Peter Pan" and Steven Spielberg's take on an older Peter Pan in "Hook". When my grandson was due, I decided that I wanted to be "Granny Wendy" just like in "Hook". Well, my grandson's decided that he likes to call me "Nana" (which was what I called my grandmother) - so that is okay too. The first story I began reading to my grandson was "Peter Pan" and I tell him the shortened version all the time. This Christmas Day the live action version of "Peter Pan" (without the music!!!) opens across the country and I'm looking forward to seeing it at the theater and buying the DVD as soon as it becomes available! I would love to be able to collect just about anything Peter Pan!

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