For me, that one word, summed up the theme of Beauty and the Beast. From the opening sequences of "Once Upon A Time in New York", I could sense how alone Catherine was. She stood apart from all those who were employed by her father's law firm - by her tardiness, her attire, and by her unease about corporate law. She seemed as if she were only going through the motions to be the attorney her father thought she should be. I don't believe she had found her niche yet. By listening to her old acquaintance at the party Tom had, she was distancing herself from the falseness of the other guests. She further distanced herself when she chose to leave the party alone. After her attack, when she woke up in Vincent's chamber, she was even more alone in her fear. With bandages covering her eyes and very little information about where she was, I felt that Catherine was overcome with how alone she was.

Vincent's aloneness can be felt through his actions when she first touched his hand and pulled away as well as Father's words that it had been too dangerous to bring her to their world. In all of Vincent's compassion, he feels far from those who claim to want to protect him. Upon seeing the fear in Catherine's eyes once she sees him for the first time, Vincent is visibly sorry for what he is and he affirms that in his words to her.

Throughout the first episode, the theme of aloneness is confirmed again and again. When he tells her what those in her world are most afraid of - their aloneness. For in seeing him, knowing how alone he must live, for others to face that part of themselves, is too much for the world to bear. In "A Happy Life" once again Vincent affirms Catherine's fears after dreaming about her mother - that it is her aloneness. The thing that sets her apart from others in her world.

Watching "Beauty and the Beast" for the first time, I believe many were transported back to the belief that fairy tales do come true and happily ever afters were real. The romance of Vincent's and Catherine's relationship warmed many viewers. It didn't matter if we were happy with the life we had, it held us captive in our seats. How many of us - even now - over ten years since it was produced - still feel our breath quicken and our pulse speed up when we hear Vincent's whispered words? How many of us still feel his anguish each time he tried to push her away for her happiness? And how many of us wish we could go back and re-write the ending of the second season and beginning of the third so there will be a "happily ever after" ending?

There will never be another "Beauty and the Beast" - even if the project we're all hearing about proves fruitful. Oh, I'll watch Ron Perlman portray Vincent again - but without Catherine, without Father, without the love of his life, it won't be the same. Yet, Vincent's voice will be heard again. That is enough to send shivers down any viewer's spine. And maybe, just maybe, seeing Vincent again, hearing his voice, will keep the aloneness at bay once more - for just a little while.

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