The following letter is from Jesse Wilt to his mother, Martha Stern on July 28, 1918. It was during World War I and he was in Europe.

Outside of envelope:
Pvt. Jesse Wilt
Base Hosp. No. 3,
Am. Exp. Forces

Mrs. Martha Clawson
#1523 Arrow Ave. (crossed out)
Anderson, Ind. (crossed out)
U.S.A. (crossed out)
R.R.1 Box 54 Warsaw, Ind
c/o Chas. Kuhn

Censored by
Lt. Ellis Kamby

Letter written on stationary:
(Letter head) Y.M.C.A.
American Expeditionary Forces
Young Men's Christian Association
Headquarters: 12, Rue D'Aguesseau, Paris
July 28, 191_
Dear Mother,
will ance your letter that i receved some time ago and i was glad to get it.
well Mother this is one time that i cant rite and tell you that i am well for i am not i am wounded in the legs am a litle beter to day.
I was wonded 2 weeks ago.
I am in the house pedle ("hospital") bace 3 house pedle.
it is very nice here in the house pedle to what i have ben haven.
say Mother, do you now that it isent very funny to have your legs shot all up. Ha Ha now mother do not worry about me i will be all rite in a little while. hope you all are well and haven a good time.
will for this time hope to here from you soon.
from your sun
Jesse Wilt
by by by
There is a notation from the censor on the page that it was ok. There is also a joke Jesse made to his mother which will not be included here.

The following letter is the last one that Vesta Wilt Johnson received from her brother, John, prior to his death.

On outside of envelope:
John Wilt
Oregon 97401

Mr. Mrs. Glen R. Johnson
3012 E. Rahn Rd.
Dayton 4o
Ohio 45440

In Vesta's handwriting: Last mail from John

Nov 16. - 64
Dear Vesta an Glen
       We received your letter Sat. an one frm Nellie. I sure wish it was raining Glen. Most of the heavy rain has been North or south of this vally. but have had enough ain. We have had cold frezing weather since Thursday. had 2 in. of snow Friday morn. there is still a little in spots. The temture this morn. 25. yesterday morn. 27. sure shone bright. but was still cold. this freze sure fixed the tomatoes, corn, cucumbers & squash. The snow broke down turnups tops. an smashed the Mustard greens down. the leaves

sure is falling. Got lots of apples hanging on trees. have lost all of the Grapes. This freze is early. an a surprise to the Old Timer's. I haven't ben out mutch & had to stay in. Clifford don the out side chores. I caught a cold friday but is better now. I sure been cracking nuts. but didnt crack any today. the palm of my right hand has played out. Glen the stove I got is an oil heter. it's big enough to heat the house. if I ever want to use it - it had ben used one Winter. the people that had it had to move to Alaska. I got stove, pipe, 125 gal. tank for $50. I setit up in the old garage.

Can dry the nuts. Walnuts in 3 or 4 days by keeping the heat from 85 to 100. Got nuts all dride. it is hard to dry nuts in the house. I cracked 9 gal. of filburts. Not very good. but lots of work. have plenty of walnuts. I'll say there having lots of bad fires in the east. have saw pictures of some them on T.V. they may have rain by now. yes I have saw my share of forest fires. Didn't get to finish this last eve. Not quite so cold this A.M. 30. an that's to cold. Ha. Yes I did enjoy John and Nellie short visit. John was feeling pretty good then. but Nellie said in her last letter he was having trouble again.

have'nt herd from Betty for awhile. Hope you all had a big time at the wedding. an I knew you all did. an the little flour girl Windy. I'd laugh if she took the flours and went the wrong way. Ha. Ha. here is wishing Michale a happy married life. Marrie Hellen an Gene never write. "Gee" you will have a house full if all the folks gather at your place. it is just about mail time. Must get this on it's way. your Bro. John

P.S. my cold is better. hand isnt. Clifford is doing the washing. an keeping my hands out of the cold water.
Hope to hear from you soon.

The following letter is from Nellie Wilt Lilly to her sister, Vesta, after their brother John's death. It was written on Nellie's personal stationary.

(Letterhead) Mrs. John Lilly
Tillamook, Oregon

Dearest Vesta
       Want to send you something have these maby you would like this for one your perses. We are so thankful Glen could come be with us at this time. He has helped us all so much. He and Clifford came on over Sat. after they got some pappers sighned and we have just rested and looked at the T.V. treat for Clifford. And Glen got his ball game in coller yeaster afternoon. Honey I sure hope you are feeling lots better now. Think my cold is breaking up now got my voice back 2 days now. And Clifford seems to feals when ever he sits quite a minute he is sound asleep. But he dident get much rest 2 or 3 weeks so his nerves is geting a chanst to relax we think he will be better in little while. John Lilly is taking another cold he started taking his cold medecin this A.M. Thinking of all you.
Bushels of Love an Kisses


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