Florus Allen House                Julia Ann Unknown                Before 1838                Unknown                (1), (2), (3), (4)
William R. HouseMargaret DavisMarch 16, 1862Coshocton County, Ohio(5), (6)
James Emory HouseBarbara Shryock1866Probably Guernsey County, Ohio(7)
James Emory HouseFrances V. OganMay 26, 1873Cambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio(7)
Mary A. HouseJacob M. RodgersAugust 4, 1870Coshocton County, Ohio(5), (8)
Sarah E. HouseBenjamin ChamberlainApril 30, 1893Coshocton County, Ohio(8), (9)
Emma HouseJames McKaigOctober 3, 1888Coshocton County, Ohio(5)
Nancy Elizabeth HouseOscar DeLongFebruary 9, 1882Coshocton County, Ohio(5), (8)
John F. HouseMartha AshelmanOctober 2, 1881Coshocton County, Ohio(6)
Eva A. HouseJohn F. CorderSeptember 13, 1883Coshocton County, Ohio(5)
Ada G. HouseGeorge B. CoeDecember 19, 1895Coshocton County, Ohio(5), (6)
Edward F. HouseNancy RodgersOctober 9, 1889Coshocton County, Ohio(5), (6)
Belle D. HouseThomas W. RubyMarch 31, 1886Coshocton County, Ohio(5)
Lucina HouseJohn Allen CongerJanuary 4, 1888Coshocton County, Ohio(5)
Florus A. HouseEmma Caroline StacerJuly 26, 1899Coshocton County, Ohio(5), (6)
John Wesley HouseLulu Z. PeerJuly 30, 1902Coshocton County, Ohio(6)
James William HouseCora P. RandlesMarch 8, 1899Coshocton County, Ohio(5), (6)
Julia Ann HousePercy J. TuttleDecember 25, 1906Coshocton County, Ohio(6)
Ella Maria HouseLloyd William AmoreApril 11, 1903Coshocton County, Ohio(10), (11)
Alva Lester HouseMary Lucy BesserJune 13, 1908Coshocton County, Ohio(6), (12)
Alva Lester HousePearl DavidsonJune 14, 1924Coshocton County, Ohio(6)
Harvey J. HouseMary Evelyn FinnellFebruary 5, 1920Coshocton County, Ohio(6)
Betty Jane HouseMr. CarpenterUnknownUnknown(13)
Miley Jay HouseElizabeth Rose PriceJuly 1, 1945Mares Island, California(14)
Dorothy HouseNelson GroverUnknownUnknown(14)
Robert Walter HouseMarian BarnsUnknownUnknown(14)
John Florus HouseElma Joanne SomervilleUnknownUnknown(14)
Harvey Eugene HouseBeverly Joan DavisOctober 8, 1955Unknown(14)
William Francis HouseDixie Lee JohnsJune 13, 1969Unknown(14)
William Francis HouseDonna UnknownJuly 1, 1989Titusville, Brevard County, Florida(14)
Thomas M. HouseGloria PrivateFebruary 1, 1969Private(14)
Maureen Ann HouseBarry Melvin AbbottAugust 19, 1972Unknown(14)
Kathleen HouseRoger ArmstrongPrivateFort Benning, Georgia(15)
Susan D. HouseDavid ArmstrongPrivateUnknown(15)
Amanda M. HouseRichard M. TaylorPrivatePrivate(14)
Keith A. HouseMartha PrivateUnknownUnknown(14)
Tammy T. HouseAlan L. RaineyPrivatePrivate(14)
Thomas F. HouseDoreen W. SiedlemanJune 18, 1987Titusville, Florida(14)
Thomas F. HouseAmy L. PrivatePrivatePrivate(14)
Tina L. HouseKevin V. WheelerMay 16, 1987Titusville, Florida(14)
Tina L. HouseMichael D. OrtonPrivatePrivate(14)


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