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Hi! As a "closet" author for most of my life, I've written several (unplublished) books that I'd like to share excerpts from. If anyone likes any of what they read - please feel free to email me at my address above and provide some feedback! I would also like to share with everyone my favorite authors, books, genres, etc.

My favorite books: The "Outlander" series by Diana Gabaldon

The "Left Behind" series by Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins

"Once is Not Enough" by Jacqueline Susann (my first "adult" novel that I read!)

"Forever" by Judy Blume - shouldn't every young woman read this?!

"Billion Dollar Baby" - by Bob Greene (his personal viewpoint as he traveled with the Alice Cooper band back in the Billion Dollar Babies era in order to write this biography)

"It" & "The Stand" - Stephen King (he absolutely scares me to death sometimes!)

My favorite authors (I can't pick a favorite book of theirs!):

Diana Gabaldon - ok, so I listed the "Outlander" series above - but if you haven't read this series about Claire & Jamie - make time - just do it!!!)

Stephen King

John Saul - I remember buying "Suffer the Children" back in '77 (I think!) when it first came out & have devoured each of his books - he needs to produce a lot more every year!!!

Anne Rice - all of the Vampire Novels (especially after seeing Tom Cruise in blonde hair as Lestat!)

Jonathon Kellerman - his Alex Delaware detective series

Faye Kellerman - equally as talented as her husband - the Peter Decker series

Kathy Trochek

Mary Higgins Clark

V.C. Andrews (I do wish the writers would go back to the original style tho!)

Jackie Collins - what a writer!

My favorite genres: Romance (sometimes the "bodice rippers") - mostly the time travel romances!

Suspense - who done it? Especially if I can't figure it out!

Mystery - see Suspense


Anything that has to do with Hollywood, movie stars, rock musicians, murder, romance, a strong heroine, a "gorgeous" hero, anything in the Scottish Highlands!

So please be patient with me while I get my excerpts together for you to read! I know you are waiting with bated breath! My first big thing is called "Lavender Dragons, Scarlet Shadows" (hence the title for the web page!)

What is it about? Hollywood, movie stars, rock musicians, broken families, a powerful crime boss, the dark religious underworld...

Settings include Sydney, Australia; Malibu; Manhattan; Upper New York; London; Toronto, Canada
The characters include Alexandria Thorpe - academy award winning actress, successful recording artist, tortured soul, mother, wife, friend...
Al Damon - shock rock master, confidant to Alexandria, keeper of secrets even he has tried to forget...
Adam Thorpe - Alex's first love and the knight in shining armor that will rescue her from all the unseen horrors of the world, but he couldn't protect her from something none of them know...
Billy Tyrone - heavy metal rock musician, the man Alex is addicted to, the man who was her unknown tormenter; he learns secrets that even he is afraid of...
Bruce Jones - Alex's 1st husband, teen idol to millions of pre-pubescent girls - what happens to tear their marriage apart?
Sapphire Cadrianno - the one woman who holds all of the answers to everyone's question
Joseph Cadrianno - the "Indomitable Don" - what scared him so much that he betrayed those he loved and feared for the safety of all?

And many more...

Stay tuned for more!

(Please check back soon -- I'm in the process of putting together a great looking site for you to enjoy... Thanks!)

If you want to read the 1st excerpt from the 1st chapter of "Lavendar Dragons, Scarlet Shadows" please click on the link above to take you to the first chapter of "Lavendar Dragons, Scarlet Shadows" - Alexandria

Other Excerpts from "Lavendar Dragons, Scarlet Shadows"

"Crystal Dreams - Sequel to "Lavendar Dragons, Scarlet Shadows"

Thank you!

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